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Southern Oregon Live Steamers 

at the Medford Railroad Park


For those concerning having a train party with our Southern Oregon Live Steamers club, I've pasted the same basic information contained in our flyers at the Railroad Park. If you have questions, please contact Bruce Kelly via Southern Oregon Live Steamers Facebook site, or his cell phone at 541-613-1638. Hope to see you at the park.


Take the opportunity to book your next party inside the Medford Railroad Park. The Southern Oregon Live Steamers (SOLS) club will provide exciting train rides for groups wishing to hold parties for birthdays, school groups, church picnics, weddings, etc. With our safe and friendly environment inside the gate your party will have exclusive use of our depot picnic grounds. (The City of Medford picnic area located outside the park fence is not part of our operation.) Public restrooms are available at the parking lot.

Basic Party Facts: Parties can be scheduled from January through December. However, the weather and the park itself will be in a winter maintenance mode before April 1st and after October 31st. We do not run after dark! For a suggested donation of $125.00, your party will have unlimited use of one train and our depot picnic grounds for two hours. One train will carry around 25-30 people.

For larger parties of 60 or more people, we recommend (but it’s not required) having two trains for a suggested donation of $175.00 for two hours. This way everyone is then able to ride more frequently. A train ride takes about nine minutes and your party can ride as often as they wish during the two hours.

All donations are used for operation and maintenance of our railroad and facilities. All Railroad Park clubs receive no city, county or state tax monies for any purpose. We are all volunteers. There is no paid staff.

The front gate will be open for the party organizers 30 minutes before the starting time your party. We anticipate that all persons in your party will have left the park no later than 30 minutes after your party ends, as our volunteers may have another party scheduled, or have other things they need to do. SOLS does not provide decorations. We expect that there will be at least one adult present per six children attending and there be about the same ratio of adults to children riding on the train(s).

Parties can be scheduled to begin any time between 10 A.M. and 3 P.M. for Saturdays. We do not host private parties on Sundays. On account of Saturdays being the most requested day, we have specific two-hour time slots. Anyone wishing to have their party before 9 AM and after 5:00 PM may be accommodated, but only after SOLS first finds train crews willing to run the trains during these off hours! The most desirable dates and times always fill up fast.

Unless arranged in advance with the other Railroad Park clubs, your party is prohibited from wandering away from the Live Steamers area to other areas of the Railroad Park. For safety reasons the rest of the park is off limits, except during our regular Sunday “Public Run Days”. We can offer your group a tour of other areas as long as one of our Live Steamer members heads the tour.

When booking your party, if you request ahead of time, we can also provide hot dogs, popcorn, beverages and souvenirs for your convenience. When making a reservation, we, will answer your questions and explain all your options.

TO RESERVE A DATE AND TIME for your party, and/or for additional food service, please contact Bruce Kelly at 541-613-1638 Please speak clearly and slowly so we can get all the information correctly. We will need a contact phone number to check back with you again for confirmation before your party’s date. We may need to contact your group, so please designate one adult that will be in overall charge of the party/group. If this adult is subsequently unable to attend and be in charge of the party, then please call us with the name and phone number of another adult who will be in charge.

CANCELATIONS: We fully understand that weather conditions or other circumstances may cause you to cancel or reschedule your party. Please, if you must cancel the event, please be considerate and give us notice as soon as possible as SOLS is an all-volunteer club with our volunteers generously giving of their time and expenses (some having to travel 80 round-trip miles or more) in getting to the park to provide train rides for your party. For cancelations please contact Bruce Kelly at 541-613-1638.

We accept cash or checks only. We do not accept credit cards! Checks should be made payable to: Southern Oregon Live Steamers and presented to one of the engineers at the beginning of the event.

REMEMBER, FOR PARTY RESERVATIONS please contact Bruce Kelly at 541-613-1638.